1. On the Cutting Edge

    Wood has always been one of man’s essential materials. And today, science has allowed us to engineer a wood panel that delivers exceptional performance. It is oriented strand board (OSB) – providing uniformity, strength, and versatility that could change the way you look at structural panels forever.

  2. An Efficient, Effective Panel

    Langboard’s uniformity makes it ideal for a variety of uses. With no core voids, knotholes, or delamination problems, you can use Langboard with confidence.

    Panels are designed and engineered for numerous industrial applications including:

    RV/Campers • Racks • Truck Bodies • Packaging/Crating • Pallets • Void Forms • Furniture • I-Joists • Displays • Bins and Tanks • Shelving • Overlaid Core • Construction Barriers

  3. Langboard Spans the Test of Time

    Span ratings are equivalent on a equal thickness to construction plywood. Unlike plywood, Langboard structural panels are manufactured in sizes to meet most application needs. Panels can also be custom cut for specialized industrial applications.

  4. There’s a Panel To Meet Your Need

    Thicknesses range from 3/8” to 23/32”. Common thicknesses are 3/8”, 7/16”, 15/32”, 1/2”, 19/32”, 5/8” and 23/32”, 3/4”. Panels 19/32” and thicker are manufactured either square-edged or tongue and groove.

  5. Langboard – The Industrial Solution

    Since Langboard is engineered to perform, it is adaptable to your specific industrial application. OSB is the logical choice for:

    Strength • Stiffness • Thermal and Acoustical Properties • Fire Resistance • Impact Resistance • Workability